kingsford hillview peak

kingsford hillview peakKingsford Hillview Peak, the very place you call home. In particular, home is where elements of tranquility infuses with lifestyle. Green pastures and water was what it has, and thats exactly how the project’s name came about. Incorporating the fine touches of new-age living, to accommodate with nature; you have 3 blocks of modern architecture, erected with a fair share of 1,2, 3 & 4 bedroom units. For the privilege, you may consider living in one of the few Penthouses. Having amenities and transport just stone throw away from where you reside, brings a new term of proximity-living, to Bukit Timah.

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The designs are well-considered, squarish fit, and reduces any waste of room. Along with a roof level that is 3.6m, the unit are very spacious, well- vibrant and ventilated!

Listed here are previews of the floor plan for that typical apartment units.

1 Bedroom – Type A2 (517 sqft)

hillview peak

2 Bedroom – Type B1 (786 sqft)

hillview peak

3 Bedroom – Type C3   (1,098 sqft)

hillview peak

4 Bedroom – Type D1   (1,249 sqft)

hillview peak

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hillview peak kingsford hillview peak