kingsford hillview peak

hillview peak

Hong Kong registered company Kingsford Investments, set up in 2000 KINGSFORD Development, a branded business known for its quality and dependability.

Under the Kingsford Group of firms are many reputable businesses that comprise production, property management and property development. They have Kingsford’s exceptional development, business and direction models that are globally recognized.

Part of the continuing attempts of Kingsford Development will be to continuously enhance technology, creation and direction of industry standards to encourage technological advancement.

We comprehend consumer needs that are distinct for living, creative utilization of technology, design and above all, a harmonious living space. For each and every project like Hillview Peak, Waterbay & etc that we strive, it’s constitutional in our doctrine to examine the states that are neighborhood enhance and to safeguard the ecosystem, while creating sustainable development with nature.

hillview peak
hillview peak

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hillview peak kingsford hillview peak